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Workshop Documentation

Page history last edited by Allison Hewlitt 11 years, 9 months ago

There are a number of tools being used to document (mainly dynamically) the workshop. They include:


  • The ENRAP KS Workshop Blog: Feel free to post any reflections that you have about the workshop and help build the its narrative.
  • The ENRAP KS Workshop Wiki: The wiki is a great place to post notes, ideas, summaries of sessions etc.
  • Photos: We are posting our photos in flickr. Use the tag "enrapks08" so that we can find them
  • Videos: We are using YouTube to post any workshop related videos. As with photos, don't forget to use the tag "enrapks08".
  • Slideshare: If you are looking for slide presentations, you can find them in slideshare - do a search on the tag "enrapks08".


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