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Speed Rounds

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(Also called 'Geek Rounds', as the method was originally used by IT people)


  1. Prepare groups with chairs for every topic to be presented


  2. In each group a presenter has 7 minutes to present his project/event/topic to his/her group. It has to be very concise, not going into too many details. Presenters can use any kind of technique, material or tool to present their content.


  3. After the 7 minutes are up (giving a notification 2 min before), the groups move as a whole clock-wise to the next presenter, who remains in his/her chair.


  4. This is repeated until everyone has listened to every presenter




  • Participants get to learn about lot of different things in a short time
  • Presenters are forced to stick to the time frame, making their presentations more concise and time-effective
  • There is much energy in the room and people don’t fall asleep, as everyone has to move after the time limit.
  • At the end, participants can choose to approach presenters individually to get more information.
  • Can be used even up to 150 people



  • Presenters need to get used to fit their content into the time frame
  • Organizers need to be careful not to create too much information overload for participants.
  • Noise can be an issue with lots of people
  • You need to give clear instructions, when, how and where to move


Observations of participants:

  • Helpful to connect to people later
  • Effective way to share. Needs to be efficiently organized, otherwise it can be a mess. However, there is little room for questions and interaction.
  • Great diversity in topics and expertise makes exercise very rich
  • It’s good to create appetite for more
  • You should know before what this group will be about. Otherwise you spend the first 20 seconds to figure this out. There could be a sign or flipchart at each group.
  • Good way to learn things in a very short time. Presenters also enhance their skills to present within a short time frame.


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