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Notes from the After Action Review

Page history last edited by Lucie Lamoureux 12 years ago

What worked well?


  • Good team and good team spirit
  • The communities took it positively
  • Able to understand how successful the activities had been, areas rated high
  • Able to identify areas that were NOT successful
  • Good to have the guidelines - exercise planned on them
  • Good project director
  • Government support


What didn't work as well?

  • Time constraints
  • No guidance on guidelines, had to interpret
  • Weak M&E systems in projects
  • Lack of funds


How could we do things differently?

  • Time constraints:
    • Start at cluster level
    • Give guidelines to projects from Day 1
    • Have a one-year process, instaed of reports
  • No guidance on guidelines, had to interpret:
    • Someone form IFAD should be there from Day 1 to explain the guidelines
  • Weak M&E systems in projects:
    • Could compensate if guidelines given in advance
    • Would be helpful to have logframes
  • Lack of funds:
    • Need to budget in advance


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