Knowledge Management Strategies

Chat show as a knowledge sharing methodology


(taken from the KM4Dev website)


The pitch

The chat show is used as a metaphor to encourage experience sharing in an informal and fun environment. It requires minimal preparation on behalf of participants so can be set up in a workshop environment where the participants are not known to each other or the organisers.  

It’s a combination of the fish-bowl and panel discussion formats. The chat show’s open circle layout encourages greater participation than the fish-bowl and its informal nature is less intimidating than a panel discussion.





Enough chairs to seat the general audience (+ guests) are laid out in a semi-circle, double semi-circle if necessary. A chair for host is placed at the front with guest chairs alongside.









What's good about it







The chat show as a knowledge sharing methodology was developed collaboratively by Allison Hewlitt (Bellanet), Geoff Barnard and Catherine Fisher (IDS) and used during the “Knowledge Sharing for Development: Africa Regional Program” workshop organised by GDN in February 05.  If you have feedback on the approach or stories about using it, please contact Catherine on or Allison on



Possible Questions


1. Briefly, tell us how you got involved in the development of the IFAD KM Strategy and the Asia Pacific Division's strategy?

2. What exactly was your role?

3. What's the main thurst of the strategy? What is it exactly that the strategy intends to achieve?

4. What would success look like to you?

5. What one piece of advice would you give someone who is about to embark on the development of a strategy?