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Group 5

Page history last edited by Shalini Kala 12 years ago

Promoting KS

  • Documnetation - rint and audio-visual
  • Newsletters
  • Email/networks/websites/e-discussions
  • Events - Workshops, seminars, trainings
  • Exhibitions
  • Exposure
  • Connecting people-ENRAP
  • Capapcity building
  • KM strategy


  • Participation
  • Lack of information
  • capacity to organise information in a shareable form
  • Fund allocation
  • Technology and access
  • Diversity of language
  • Shareable information (problem documnetation available materisla in local language)

Overcoming constraints

  • Understanding needs and context
  • Responding
  • Mechanisms
  • Resource Managemnet and planning
  • Capapcity building to documnet BP and ZZ
  • Improved access to technology

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