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Group 4

Page history last edited by Shabau 11 years, 9 months ago

What we are doing:


  • Workshops / Training (documentation techniques, intyer-provinsial, face-to-face)
  • Distribution of reports (progress, common thematic areas)
  • Use of Media (newsletters, TV/Radio stations, KM/Communication strategy)
  • Film documentation
  • Coordinatrion meetings (donor working groups, UNCT, inter-project meetings, CPMT)
  • Ths Workshop


Contraints for KS/KM:


  • M and E System not effective
  • Negative findings are not shared
  • Reports are boring - people do not read!
  • Lack of KS infrastructure
  • Additional workload


How to opvercome the constraints:


  • Strengthen M and E system
  • Regular/frequent Inter-project meetings
  • Change attitudes
  • Make reports interesting
  • Optimum use of available infrastructure and use new ones....



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