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Group 3

Page history last edited by Ankita 12 years ago


l         KM strategy/action plan

l         Initiate activities in KM strategy

e.g. activities:

-  KLM

-  Publications

-  IFAD newsletter – Philippine edition

-  Media Forum


l         Conduct/facilitate assessments/reviews (KM/S)

l         Maintain website stimulate discussions

l         Sharing the learning of Supervision Missions – input to project design

l         COSOP – KM/S



l         ‘Appreciation’ of KMS

l         KM/S activities/ showcase. e.g KLM, sharing of result of supervision, media forum/ press conference

l         Sharing is still limited ‘certain circles’

l         Invite non-IFAD

l         KM/S funds not part of project design

l         New design include KM, tap M&E, PM funds for KM activities, tap ENRAP and CPM funds

l         Staff/partners capacity to capture/ disseminate KM/S/ link with/ access info/knowledge

l         CB-eg, systematization, purchase IT/ equipment/ training in their use, AIMS pilot

l         Awareness/ skills/ practice/ tools/ technologies, esp IT

l         CB-possible source of funds ENRAP3, IFAD, etc

l         Limited KM/S champions/ facilitator, esp at project level

l         Created teams-eg, KLM, TWG, CPMT, invite other partners, strengthen KM capacity of project key officers/staff

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