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Page history last edited by Allison Hewlitt 11 years, 8 months ago

Discussion Report


Name of Session Initiator: Yolando C. Arban


Name of Participants:

  • Sun Yinhong
  • Yiching Song
  • Ibrahim Shabau
  • Bashu Babu Aryal
  • Adrian Marbaniang
  • Shalini Kala
  • Susana Perez
  • Brigida Perez
  • Soninbayar Gun-Uyanga
  • Siale Bain-Vete


Session Title: Building IT (internet-based) Capacity of Knowledge Sharing (KS) Focal Points


Key Discussion Points:


Why is there a lack of motivation to use internet-based tools?

  • There is poor access to internet
  • There is inadequate capacity to use internet-based tools


Why is there a need to build the capacity of KS focal points on the use of internet-based tools?

  • To learn how to use the tools, especially being involved in  knowledge sharing
  • To keep connected with other KS focal points using collaborative tools


What type of capacity building?

  • Regional Level -  Have a capacity-building programme (about a month), a combination of an orientation-workshop on the use of collaborative tools, on-line event,  and a post-workshop gathering
  • National Level – A customized programme shall be developed in countries ready to train local KS focal points. Regional focal points shall deliver this customized programme as part of their capacity building.


Immediate Next Steps:


Regional Level

  • Conduct a two-day orientation-workshop on the use of collaborative tools on January 31-February 1, 2009, Bangkok Thailand.  Immediate output of this workshop is to use the tools in support to the IFAD Annual Portfolio Review on February 2-5, 2008, Bangkok Thailand
  • Developing an on-line event and a customized national programme on February 6, 2008, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Participants to these training are KS focal points as identified by the KS Core Group for this Training


Who is Involved:  KS Core Group (Shalini, Bashu, Sun, Siale, Lando) with trainer(s)

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